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    Posted by Sarah cowell on 14/08/2013   Email

    Lovely site have wifi so could view all the bits at last Thank you Lynda for your words about dave xxxxxx

    Posted by Clive Looker on 07/08/2013   Email

    Thank you Lynda for a great interview on Channel rdio's Marsh mellow show. Good luck.

    Posted by Terri on 03/08/2013   Email

    well Lynne you and Jamie have battled so hard over the last year and I am so proud of you both. You, like myself are fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband which must make a huge difference when facing what you did. Your website is wonderful and what you are doing to support others is inspirational. I wish I was closer to come along to the fun events you have planned and I wish you all the success. There is a lot of hatred and nastiness in this world and I am proud to be your mate as you are truly a lovely, caring and supportive friend and I know that you will make a huge difference to anyone suffering cancer at the moment. (I write this during the day, so you know I am not on the wine cos I am saying so many nice things!!) love ya xxxxxx

    Posted by Jean on 16/07/2013   Email

    I remeber you talking about this idea last year. Well done for making your dream a reality and sharing the much needed support with so many others with BC. wishing you much sucess and hugs Jean xx

    Posted by Sarah Walker on 25/06/2013   Email

    Lynda, thank you for making me so welcome at Bay Tree Place. A most enjoyable first visit!

    Posted by Devon Parham on 24/06/2013   Email

    Well done Lynda !! You have battled through so much this year. You have showed everyone in the same situation as yoh that you never stop fighting if something knocks you down,you just get up,brush yourself off and stay strong. You have done this and everyone is so proud of you :) you are a truly inspirational lady. You Go !!!

    Posted by jamie on 24/06/2013   Email

    so proud , of the way lynda . has move on and trying , hepling others , her friendshihs with annabels angels and the way they help each other

    Posted by Sophie Porter on 24/06/2013

    This is amazing Lynda! You are a very brave woman and the support your giving others whilst fighting your own battle is inspiring. We're all very proud of you at Homebase and I know Jamie thinks the world of you as he talks about you everyday! I wish you all the best, keep fighting and stay strong! Xx

    Posted by Joe on 06/06/2013

    Just heard you on BBC Kent, think it's wonderful what you're doing and wish you all the luck in the world.

    Posted by Marilyn on 04/06/2013

    Well done Lynda. This sounds like a fabulous thing - I wish you well, wish I lived closer to you - who knows, maybe in the later part of the summer when I on holiday - it sounds relaxing just reading about it. Will be emailing you now. Love Marilyn

    Posted by Elizabeth Riley on 04/06/2013

    Morning lynda hows the link going wish you had been here when we needed support during Grahams cancer Good luck it should go well love ing it so far Liz

    Posted by Marie Barrett (Blue Tit) on 03/06/2013

    Hi Lynda, what a fabulous idea. Congratulations on making your dream come true. If anything cancer makes us stronger people! Well done you. Very best wishes. Marie xxx

    Posted by Elizabeth Riley on 03/06/2013   Email

    Good luck with your page Lynda loving it so far keep it up would love to be a member Lizxxx

    Posted by Gillian on 02/06/2013   Email

    Hi Linda, I think what you are doing is a great idea. I worked in therapeutic horticulture before my dx Feb 2012, mx, Chemo Rads and Letrozole. Unfortunately I had to stop work. Would really love to see your garden, but I am not local. But best wishes for a venture. Gillian