Recipe 1

    Mushroom and pea risotto (serves 2-3)

    Punnet of shitake mushrooms
    half a cup of frozen peas
    one medium cup of Arborrio rice
    clove of garlic
    one vegetable stock cube
    150g parmesan cheese
    salt and pepper
    olive oil

    Boil a pan of water and put your vegetable stock cube in, keep this on the heat until you finish the risotto.

    Cook off mushrooms in a pan and leave to one side.

    Put the olive oil, whole garlic clove and rice into a deep pan and cook for a few minutes to blend all the flavours.  Remove the garlic clove.

    Put one ladle of stock into the rice and stir until all absorted.  Keep ladling the stock into the rice, one ladle at a time until the rice is plump and cooked (test a grain if not sure).

    Then add the mushrooms and peas to the rice and stir in half the parmesan cheese and season with salt and pepper.

    Put the lid on the pan and leave for one minute.

    When ready to dish up add extra parmesan cheese and serve with crusty bread.

    Alternative to the above if you do not like mushrooms is to use broad beans and fresh mint to the peas.

    Recipe 2

    Vegetable Soup (serves approx 8)

    one leek
    one head of brocolli
    three carrots
    one sweet potato
    one onion
    one white potato
    half celeriac
    two celery sticks
    one vegetable stock cube
    salt and pepper

    Put a large pan of water on to boil and add the vegetable stock cube. 

    Chop up all the vegetables into small pieces and place in the pan.   Add salt and pepper.

    Gently simmer until all the veg is soft.

    Remove from the hob and blend the veg together using a hand blender.  Check seasoning and add to if needed.

    Serve with crusty bread.

    This can be frozen so split into individual portions and freeze.  Reheat when needed on hob or microwave. 

    Recipe 3

    Melon salad with prawn or ham (serves 2)

    One galia melon
    one avocado
    twelve cherry tomatoes
    quarter of cucumber
    prawns or ham

    to make the marie rose sauce if using the prawns
    6 tblsp of ketchup
    6 tblsp of salad cream
    3 tspn of worcester sauce

    Chop melon in half and deseed.  Cut round the melon and chop into medium size cubes.

    Place them into a large bowl.  Chop cherry tomatoes in half and add to the melon.  

    Chop cucumber into slices and quarter them and add them to the melon and tomatoes.   Slice the avocado and add to the other ingredients. 

    Roughly chop the watercress and add to the other ingredients.

    If using the prawns, make the marie rose sauce by mixing all ingredients together and stir in the cooked prawns. 

    Dish the melon and salad up into bowls and in the centre either add the prawns in their sauce or roll up a couple of slices of ham. 

    Recipe 4

    Celeriac, apple & carrot coleslaw  (serves 2-4)

    Half a celeriac
    two carrots
    one braeburn/cox's apple
    lemon    salt and pepper

    Grate the celeriac, carrot and apple into a bowl.  Squeeze half a lemon into the bowl and mix.  Add three tablespoons of mayonnaise and season to taste with pinch of salt & pepper. 

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