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    Updated 06/11/13

    22/11/07  29th therapy, all ok until after Dad got back to the ward, he fell down when transfering back to bed hurt his back and leg, I think Mum was more shaken by it then Dad.  Mum helped Dad with his shower then went home.  I did not go in this morning, did a bit of Christmas shopping for Dad.  Dads friend from sailing went in to visit but could only stay 1/2 hour as Dad had to go down to have his rig changed everything went according to plan, lets hope this one is better than the last one !
    23/11/07 30th therapy, on count down now although you would not think it, Dad still very negative, still not trying to eat or drink, I can't imagine what it must be like for him ? Me nagging every night I feel like the parent I just wish he would try a bit more !  I don't think I have seen him out of bed for a week Mum and I have arranged to go into town tomorrow but Dad said tonight he wanted Mum to go in and help him shower so now she has to go in at, I don't think he realises what hard work it is for Mum and how worn out she must be feeling.  Next week his radiotherapy changes to only two rays each side of his neck so things should slowly begin to improve, lets wait and see, watch this space as they say !!
    24/11/07  No therapy today Michelle and I went up to see Mum but she was really upset and just wanted us to leave her alone.  I then went up to see Dad to sort the work out for the week.  John took Jack into see Dad plus Michelle took Josh and Ems in to see him (He loves his grandchildren) his friend also visited although Dad seemed more unwell tonight he kept falling asleep whilst we were talking to him, once everyone had left the nurse's took Dads temp 38.5 so took blood cultures, I rang about 9.30 for results Dad needs to start more antibiotics but is more settled then when we left. 
    26/11/07 therapy continues, Dad phoned Mum at 9.00am and asked her to go in and help him have a wash, but Mum said she would help when she went in at 11.00am I stayed home to phone Dad's customers.  Mum and Dad saw Dr Y this am he said to discontinue I.V to have fluids through the rig hoping to aim for home next Monday.  Dad felt better today then yesterday still very tired throat very sore but temp down, however he was moaning that we were not doing his work right !!!!!  (it made no difference we were trying to keep his company going whilst he was unable to as well as all the hospital visiting)
    27/11/07 32nd therapy only one more to go although from Dads mood you would not have thought so.  Mum and I stayed home this am to pack all the orders ready for Monday and Mike to deliver on Friday it was a hard mornings work.  I went to the ortho clinic this pm was there for over two hours  had gone about my feet was told I had two toes dislocated as well as the big toe having no joint left !!
    I would need a big op to try to put some of this right but would be in plaster for 12 weeks, to this I said I needed time to think about it with all that was going on with Dad.  We went to see Dad after his sailing friend was there Dad was not happy he was very depressed, saying he just wished he could eat I said to him he had done all the hard work he now just had to wait for it to pay off (I did not tell him how I got on at the clinic).

    To be continued....

    Updated 21/02/2014
    28/11/07  Last
    radiotherapy today yippee ,that’s it for ever !!after he had ,had it they gave
    him his mask as a keepsake he still has it to this day.Mum went in this am and
    was with dad for his last session ,then returned to the ward to help dad shower
    ,mum said he did not seem over whelmed about it being the last one .I stayed at
    home did my housework then phoned some of dads customers before going in to see
    dad in the evening, dad said that John and Clair had taken Jack into see dad
    who seemed a lot happier talking more the usual ,he even had a joke. Mary mums
    sister also visited .

    Dads neck is very red ,his
    throat is very sore so he was seen by Debs his dietician, she is going to
    arrange a pump and two weeks supply of food for dad to take home  ,which hopefully will be Monday, at this
    point dad did not want to take his antibiotic at 8.00pm he told the nurse’s it
    would go down the sink, so I mixed it with custard, he then managed to take it
    watch this space to see if he is now sick, once we left as he put the sick bowl
    in front of himself as soon as he had taken it !!

    29/11/07  No treatment today
    I went to Exeter with mum and Mary to do some Christmas shopping, I did not buy
    anything but mum did ,dad had asked me to get something for mum from him but I
    could see anything suitable. we stopped for lunch (just soup and a roll) not
    very exciting but it did the job .Went in to see dad in the evening he seemed
    much better talking for much of the time although his throat is still very sore
    as is his neck, he did manage to eat a yogurt which they put his antibiotic in
    so he could swallow it,I suppose a little is better then nothing. Alan G had
    visited dad during the day I had a laugh with dad saying I only spent so long
    at the hospital with him as it was warmer then my house so saving the gas
    heating bill gave him a laugh.

    30/11//07  Last day of the
    month so the only way is up now. Dad is in an upbeat mood again although his
    throat is still so very very sore after talking so much yesterday, mum went in
    later to help dad with his shower then had to go and see her own consultant who
    injected both hips and will review her again in four months. Dad had lots of
    visitors again today which was good for his mood .

    01/12/07  First
    day of a more positive time ahead ,we mum and I spent the early part of the
    morning packing orders for dads customers so Mike could deliver them. Mum
    phoned dad who said he felt a little better so lets hope this is the start of
    things to come! Mum and I then went into town after sorting dads work out and
    completing it .We had some lunch in town before heading back home. Later on mum
    was to visit dad but was late as she fell asleep first time since dads been
    ill, never mind Michelle, Jim and the children had visited which cheered dad up
    no end he loves to see his grandchildren.

    02/12/07  Another step
    forward today dad went home for a few hours mum picked him up at 12 mid day
    ,when he arrived home he actually asked for half a cup of tea in fact he asked
    twice during the afternoon. Dad went back at 4.30pm
    in time to start his feed again, I went in at 5.00pm
    dad seemed tired but I think he is looking forward to going home tomorrow.

    03/12/07 Not sure what sort of day it’s been I telephoned dads ward
    at 10.30am to see what time dad would be discharged told to phone back in 2
    hours time, when I phoned back they said dad could not go home until 3.00pm and
    would go home without syringe driver, I phoned dad to tell him this he said he
    did ot know anything about it so was going to ask the nurse,he phoned us back
    and said he was ok with that as he could phone the ward if he had any problems
    when he was at home, however he still could not go home until 5.00pm.Now he was
    getting bored of waiting to go home so I got him a book and a magazine from the
    hosp shop to pass some time ,eventually we were able to take dad home.

    When we got home dad was so very
    tired he fell asleep at 7.15pm so I
    had some cheese on toast with mum then I went home, mum phoned me at 10.15pm to say all was ok up till then ! lets
    hope it stays that way so they can both have a good nights sleep.

     04/12/07 Mum and dad had a
    bad night last night dad was coughing a lot in the night so neither of them had
    much sleep.I went up to see them after I had been to the hairdressers, I took
    some delivery packages to the post office as there were not enough to send by
    road, then put all dads feeds down in the garage as my brother was not sure
    when he could get up to do it.I stayed and had a cooked lunch with mum, dad has
    not had a lot today he said to mum he wished he had never had any treatment,
    I’m sure he will not feel that way in a couple of weeks. My brother his wife
    and their son Jack came to visit but dad was so tired he went to bed they
    stayed for another hour then went.

    05/12/07 Dad had a better night although not sure mum did ,I
    arrived to phone dads customers, while mum went to see her GP for a sick note
    for work and to have a chat with him, whilst she was gone dad tried a little
    puff wheat but urged on it so that’s a no go perhaps he will try something else
    tomorrow. I

     had lunch with mum then went to see my
    consultant who told me I had to have surgery on both hands as both wrists are
    dislocated ,he said he was going to discuss things with my other consultant.
    Mum said her sister and husband had visited and dad had done some of his

    06/12/07 Mum said dad was really sick last night but he did not
    have to bad a nights sleep, mum was awake a lot.later in the day mum and dad
    went to see the oncology nurse and dietician both said all seemed to be going
    to plan and the next step was to see the dentist, the dentist said dad would
    have to wait six weeks before he could see him as it was to near the end of his
    treatment! When they got home dad fell asleep again for an hour mum and dad
    both seemed fed up today.

    07/12/07 Not a good start to the day its pouring with rain ,mum and
    I have to sort out dads work and pack some parcels for delivery, during the
    morning mum and dads friend came and brought a nice home made cake ,we enjoyed
    it dad still not able to eat except through his peg feed, how ever he wanted to
    try some bread and butter and quickly brought it up it’s a shame as he really
    fancied that.I think mum is going to make some porridge tomorrow and give that a
    go as dad was at least eating a whole pot of yogurt in hospital.
    08/12/07 continued
    08/12/07 Went to mums to help pack up the deliveries.a bit of a nightmare as it was pouring with rain,Debs called halfway through the morning and brought us a homemade cake ,dad still not wanting to eat ,he said he would try some bread and butter as he fancied that ,however he was promptly sick .In the evening I went out with Michelle and Jim to our Christmas party ,Tina my cousin was good enough to babysit ,we were back by 11.30pm  it was a ni evening with nice food but I had a bad night because we were so late .
    09/12/07 This morning I went to mums mum and I went out to get a few things for Christmas ,had lunch at mums .In the afternoon mum and dad went over to Michelle's dad drove for the first time since he came out of hospital,they satyed a few hours which did dad good a change of scenery then he drove back home.
    10/12/07 Today I did the deliveries that were for Torquay,before going to see dad.My brother and his family were visiting and had already been there for an hour,had not thought of making a drink!!! Dad looked greatful to see me,but they still stayed another hour Mum had been to the hairdressers .When mum came back she sorted out the company s money after which Mum,dad and I went to Currys to sort out a new microwave.When they arrived home dad helped sort some parcels for posting (He is managing to do a little each day)and managed a little porridge,also a sml tin of soup for lunch and a half of yogurt at teatime .
    11/12/07 This morning dad drove over to see me to see what presents I had brought mum for Christmas on his behalf ,he seemed pleased with what I had brought .Dad and I then went into town  to find mum a Birthday present .We actually had a cup of coffee out progress in itself and stayed out for a good two hours must have done dad some good
    Mum stayed home whilst we were out to catch up with the housework.In the afternoon they both sat down dad did manage to eat something at lunch time but not much success.this was the first day in months I had not seen mum .
    12/12/07 Today I took dad to get his haircut we then went into town to buy mums Birthday present (this is difficult as she has a birthday 3 days before Christmas.We walked all the way down the town as dad had seen a jacket for mum,however he did not buy it as he had overdone it was not feeling so well so we went back to mum and dads I continued to phone dads customers .Mike came around to arrange deliveries for next week ,Mike has been a brick helping us out and helping to keep the business running we would have been lost without him thats who you call a true friend.Mum said dad had eaten some porridge for breakfast and  a very small amount of fish pie at Lunchtime,plus a small amount of ice cream for tea. 
    13/12/07 Not a bad day today continued to make phone calls ,planned out who would do what next week .As the days go on dad manages a little more to eat and drink each day but still not enough to feed a sparrow hence the reason to carry on with the rig feed .This afternoon dad went to the driving range with my brother gave him some fresh air we were hoping he would be hunge,he did manage a little mash potato for his dinner ,This evening my girl friends came to see me at home we had a lovely evening but they did not go until late which meant I had to then tidy up before going to bed.
    To Be Continued  
      Updated  14/12/2007 Mum and Dad did their shopping together today had a coffee dad not feeling to great I think he has a cold so they did not stay out long ,later on in the day dad was feeling dizzy think its because his HB (blood count) was so low it could also mean he is a bit dehydrated will wait until tomorrow to see how he feels
    15/12/2007 Not a good day ,dad still feeling low he says its like his head is full of cotton wool ,he had some visitors today ,thought it would cheer him up but he's just the same .Mum is very tearful today I think she is fed up because each day is the same and dad never seems to feel any better not sure what else can be done ,I hope they can sort something out in the MDT meeting on Tues .
    16/12/2007  A better day today dad helped pack some parcels to be delivered ,while he was doing that I helped mum get some Christmas decorations down perhaps if dad sees this he may feel a bit better ,dad managed to eat a small amount of scrambled  eggs for tea but only a small amount .
    17/12/2007 Today dad managed to get my decorations down so I could put them up we are all trying to make things look a bit more festive ,tomorrow its MDT day hopefully they will tell us everything is as it should be ,dad managed small amounts of food at all meal times today .A step in the right direction I hope 
    18/12/2007  MDT day all went well Mr H was pleased with dads progress and said he does not need anymore treatment now,he would see him in March,from now on the only way is up a big relief for everyone although Im not sure if reality has sunk in .In the afternoon I went with dad to North Devon to do some deliveries we stopped for coffee ,I think it was all a step to far but dad wants to take control of his business again to feel normal we did not get back until 5.30 
    19/12/2007 today much the same as yesterday dad still not eating much due to his swallow Mr H said he would be able to eat his Christmas lunch he is so looking forward to that hopefully it will be ok fingers crossed.
    20/12/2007 Dad not good today throat really sore ,I think he did to much talking yesterday he is also very very tired ,but insisted I took him shopping for a present for mums Christmas ,we managed to find what he was looking for success at last .We also tried to book an holiday for next year but mum and dad could not decide where  to go so we left that for another day.

    To Be Continued