Hi everyone, apologies for being so long in updating the next blog !!!   We have calmed down with our events at the moment, last year was rather manic with event following event, so now I have slowed down a bit.  we currently have a raffle running, and our monthly coffee/lunches still take place which is great !!  The White Horse Pub still accommodate us with the coffee/lunches which is so good, I think everyone is used to us turning up now !!    The big event we had a few weeks ago was sooooo good !!  Charlie who drinks in the White Horse Pub took us by minibus to Croydon where Rachel Raphael works in the Kick Boxing Club.  She has a lovely room with mirrors that run down one side of the room.  Cindy Ellingham brought a student with her, they were the makeup girls.  Everyone had their faces made up before the photo shoot started.
    Everyone had their photos take one at a time, which was lovely.   More of Rachel Raphaels photos can be seen on Facebook, a lot of them are action photos of kick boxing students they really are worth a look.   

    Must mention Liz Riley who now updates Dear Diary on the website, it is her husband Graham who is the subject of dear diary, please read it, it gives a true insite into a cancer patient and his journey through treatment.   I met Liz and Graham for the first time back last summer with my friend Sarah Cowell, a truly lovely couple, and Liz and Graham gave an amazing donation to Bay Tree Place, thank you to you both !! 

    Lynda xxxx